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So that all materials can be concentrated in the Vape, no smoke loss, saving materials

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DYNAVAP ‘M’ tutorial

DynaVap Use Instructions1

Complete Tutorial video:


  1. Open the metal lid, fill in the material and put the lid back on.
  2. Heat the metal cover with a windproof lighter and rotate the body at the same time so that the entire metal cover is evenly heated.
  3. Heat for 4-10s and you will hear a 'click', which means the material is atomized and ready for inhalation.
  4. Press and hold the air hole of the fuselage to slowly inhale from the nozzle.
  5. If you hear the 'click' again, the metal cover starts to cool down and you can use it again.
  6. Take a deep breath each time you warm it up, then repeat the above steps.

Common and Precautions

How many times do you reheat at a time?

Depending on the amount you inhale, the average is between 2-6 puffs, depending on three factors: weight, material quality, and temperature (heating location).

Notice:The fuel cannot be completely vaperised by simply heating at low temperature, so the highest temperature should be used to completely vaperised the material in the last bite.

How to tell if it's drained?

Judgment index: material color and smoke volume.

If the bottom of the metal cover is heated, there is no smoke at the highest temperature, and the material inside is already dark brown or close to black, which means that the material has been exhausted and the next joint is ready to be added.(Editor:Don't throw away the leftovers after use.It can be used for cooking food or for hot pot ! )

The dosage of DynaVap is about 0.04-0.1 g at a time, and its elasticity to the material weight is very high, whether it is full or half filled; or the ground material is coarse or fine, it can perform efficiently.
*Note: The material should at least cover the filter screen, and it should not be so full that it is completely close to the top of the metal cover, try to leave space at the top of the filling tank for air to enter. Too little material will lead to too little smoke output, and too much material will block the air inlet of the filling tank, hinder airflow and heat conduction, and increase the probability of overheating.
Operation Note: Reserve a small space at the top position, you can use Kief essence or a small amount of Concentrate concentrate as a substitute, and go to space to overlook the earth.

The red flame temperature of ordinary lighters is only 200°C-350°C (blue flame jet 800°C-1300°C), so the heating time of the windproof lighter is faster. So you have to prepare.

*Windproof lighters are divided into single head and double head. The single head firepower is more concentrated and can be used to heat the part, and the heating time is longer. The double head firepower is stronger and the heating time is shorter, but it is more difficult to target the heating position.

Many people think that it must be burned until the second click is overheated, butIn most cases, there is no difference in the effect of one or two clicks. The second function of the click is a reminder function, to ensure that you have noticed the sound of the click to avoid excessive heating and loss, carbonization, and burnt.

The click sound that you will hear after you take a big bite, that isIndicates that cooling is complete.

When you inhale, the air cools the heater, which then cools the metal lid. When the temperature drops below the atomization temperature, a second click will be heard, which means that the cooling is complete and it can be heated again.


Before hearing the second Click (before the cooling is completed), do not heat up!

Reheating before cooling down becomes overheating. It may take about a minute to cool down from the highest temperature, if you forget or are not sure, please wait for cooling before heating.

*The metal cover will become very hot just after heating, which you can use Original Carrying Wooden Box DynastashAccelerated Cooling Pad The magnets that are available in other products will attract the body to help complete the cooling process faster.

Place the upper cap between your index finger and thumb, and squeeze gently toward the oval. If it is still too loose after gently squeezing, then gradually increase the force until it is adjusted to The upper cover will not slip off when the fuselage is turned upside down, and the upper cover will not pop open when the heating is completed to an extent.

There are two major reasons for determining the amount of smoke: the first is temperature, and the second is firepower.

The higher the temperature, the more output, the better the efficiency, the greater the smoke volume, the stronger the effect.

If you want high concentration and a lot of smoke, you can fill the fuel tank, heat the bottom of the upper cover, cover the air intake hole, and use your lungs to inhale (not mouth) at a steady speed Inhale slowly and deeply (long inhalation), try to inhale until the Cooling Click appears. The editor actually measured that it took less than a minute to hover at the junction between the black hole and the earth. It is not difficult to publish a book. If you are a professional, you must definitely enter this state.

DynaVap controls the degree of atomization by heating the position of the metal cover. The closer the heating point is to the front end, the lower the heating temperature is; the closer to the bottom of the cover, the higher the temperature and the more smoke. (As shown in FIG)

When heating, use the hottest tip of the flame to face the metal cover, and at the same time rotate the fuselage at a constant speed to heat the metal cover.

*The low-temperature smoke has obvious taste differences, and the amount of smoke is less, which is suitable for trying different tastes of each type. The high-temperature smoke has less taste, but more smoke and stronger effect. It is suitable for those who want to get into the state quickly, and it is suitable for using up the ingredients in the last bite.

Tutorial Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NF-aqaZ_93s&feature=emb_title&ab_channel=HaveAGoodTrip

Dynavap is compatible with any thickness of material, but the ground material can output more essence more efficiently, and it is better to put in a whole grain. If it is too thin, it may pass through the filter when inhaling. So it is more reasonable to suggest using a grinder.

Small Tricky TipsWhen filling the material, you can press the air hole, and then suck the material into the filling tank, or use a small tool to rotate and pressurize the material (do not press too hard). After filling, use the protruding small part of the metal cover to flatten the material in the tank.

Heat it once and take a bite. When you hear the first click sound, it means it is ready to eat.The main point of inhalation is long and deep, use the lungs to inhale, not the mouth, and inhale in a steady amount until the smoke is exhausted.

The air hole on the tube can adjust the concentration. If you press it all the way, the concentration will be the highest. On the contrary, if you don’t hold it down, other air will seep in, and the concentration will decrease compared to that mouthful. But if you feel that the mist is too hot or the absorption resistance is too large, you can adjust it according to your needs. Pore ​​size. (It is best of course to press all to see Jesus directly)

Tutorial Video:


For daily use, clean once every 1-2 weeks. Refer to the above video, add 90% alcohol and shake well to accelerate the decomposition of dirt inside the tube, then use a cotton swab or a long tool to insert the alcohol sliver into the tube, and then pull it back and forth from the other side, repeat several times After the second time, the whole vap will be like brand new inside and out. Finally, rinse it with clean water and let it dry.