RAW Glass Tips With Round Mouthpiece 玻璃濾咀


Experience the luxury of RAW Glass Tips with Round Mouthpiece, size 6mm x 34mm, for a smoother, cooler smoking experience. These glass tips offer easy rolling and a non-absorbent glass effect that feels amazing on your lips, elevating your smoking with the finest rolling papers. Ideal for those who appreciate the finer details in smoking.

體驗RAW圓形口部玻璃煙嘴的奢華,尺寸6毫米 x 34毫米,享受更順滑、更涼爽的吸煙體驗。這些玻璃煙嘴不但易於卷煙,還有非吸水性的玻璃效果,讓你的唇感覺非凡,配合世界頂級煙紙,提升你的吸煙享受。適合注重吸煙細節的你。

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