DynaStash: Wenge


DynaStash: Wenge – Compact & Eco-Friendly

Store your 92mm DynaVap device in the DynaStash: Wenge, made from sustainably sourced wood. It features an integrated magnet for easy cap removal and can attach to any magnetic surface. Includes extra storage for a Stash Tool. Perfect for enhancing your vaping experience.

DynaStash:Wenge – 環保及便攜設計

介紹DynaStash:Wenge,一款用可持續木材製成的DynaVap裝置儲存盒。頂部設有磁鐵,便於移除熱Cap並可黏貼於任何磁性表面。附加儲存格可放置Stash Tool,是提升吸煙體驗的理想選擇。

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