GRAV Glass MEDIUM GRAVITRON® Gravity Bong – Clear


GRAV Glass MEDIUM GRAVITRON® Gravity Bong – Clear

Experience powerful, efficient hits with the GRAV Medium Gravitron® Gravity Bong, crafted from durable 5mm borosilicate glass. This compact version of the best-selling Gravitron offers a sleek, easy-to-clean design with a closed system to conserve your bud. It features a platinum-cured silicone grommet for added durability and comes with a 14mm Funnel Bowl. Perfect for personal use or small gatherings.

Product Features:

  • Made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass
  • Closed system conserves contents
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Includes a compatible 14mm Funnel Bowl

使用體驗升級:GRAV Glass MEDIUM GRAVITRON® 透明版重力煙斗



  • 採用耐用的硼矽酸鹽玻璃製造
  • 封閉系統有效保留內容物
  • 易於清潔和維護
  • 包括兼容的14mm漏斗碗
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