King Palm Mini Roll – Green Apple


King Palm Pre-Rolled Cones: Effortless, Natural, and Slow-Burning

Embrace the ease of smoking with King Palm’s pre-rolled cones, the perfect solution for those who can’t—or simply don’t want to—roll. Our cones are ready when you are: just pack them and enjoy a pure, natural smoke session. Each cone is crafted from hand-picked, chemical-free natural leaf rolls, ensuring a clean smoking experience without the use of toxic fertilizers.

Indulge in the durability and slow burn of leaves sourced from the Cordia family in Singapore’s rainforests, contributing to sustainability and supporting over 2,500 local jobs. The innovative corn-husk filter enhances your draw, prevents fall-through, and can be adjusted for a customized hit.

In every pack, you’ll find 24 Mini size palm leaf cones with a packing stick—ideal for sharing or gifting. Elevate your gatherings with King Palm’s all-natural cones and treat yourself or a friend to a superior smoking experience.

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