Pre-roll Cone Grinder (Available in Black/Blue/Red/White)


Pre-roll Cone Grinder – The All-in-One Solution (Black/Blue/Red/White)

Discover the ultimate convenience in rolling with the **Pre-roll Cone Grinder**. This compact and portable device is designed to grind, roll, and pack your herbs in seconds. Available in four stylish colors – Black, Blue, Red, and White – it’s not just a grinder, but a complete pre-roll station with built-in storage. The transparent construction lets you witness the entire process, ensuring consistency and quality with every use. Its scratch-resistant finish keeps it looking sharp, while the magnetically sealed lid and tight storage cap maintain freshness and control odors. Measuring 165mm x 48mm, it’s the perfect companion for on-the-go. Please note, cones are not included.

Elevate your rolling ritual with our Pre-roll Cone Grinder and enjoy the perfect roll every time!

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