1. 確保打火機是處於關閉狀態,並且已經完全冷卻。Zippo打火機在使用或剛剛關上時,內部部件和燃料殘留都仍然是非常熱的,更換燃料時需等待它完全冷卻。

2. 打開打火機,將火芯拿出來。在Zippo打火機底部有一個小小的取燃料孔,用來注入燃料。

4. 為新的打火機液體注入新的液體燃料。把打火機底部的開口倒直立,注入與原來相同或更高程度的新Zippo打火機液體燃料。填滿燃料儲存區,但不要過度注入,以免溢出。

5. 蓋上底部的取燃料蓋並緊扣。取燃料蓋蓋回並緊扣到原位,以防止燃料外泄和蒸發。

6. 點燃打火機並測試。點燃打火機並檢查新注入的燃料是否正常燃燒。如果有任何問題,再次關閉打火機並重複以上的步驟。


Smoke Moment擁有大量不同的Zippo打火機,每一種都具有自己的特色和功能。它們採用高品質的金屬結構,具有耐用性和耐腐蝕性,可以為您提供長久的服務。它們的火芯設計也很先進,可以輕鬆打開,並可以保證火芯的安全性和可靠性。此外,它們還配備了一個油容器,可以為火芯提供足夠的燃料,以確保火芯能夠有效地燃燒。 Smoke Moment的Zippo打火機更加安全和可靠,可以在任何地方提供火源,令您滿意。



zippo 電油
zippo 電油
Zippo Lighter Tutorial 2: Refueling
Using a Zippo lighter can provide you with convenience, but there are a few safety measures you need to be aware of to ensure safe use. Replacing the lighter fuel on your Zippo lighter is also an important step.
Zippo lighter fuel replacement instruction:
1. Make sure the lighter is turned off and has cooled down completely. When the Zippo lighter is in use or just closed, the internal parts and fuel residue are still very hot, wait for it to cool completely before changing the fuel.
2. Turn on the lighter and take out the wick. There is a small fuel hole at the bottom of the Zippo lighter for injecting fuel.
4. Fill the new lighter fluid with new fluid fuel. Turn the opening at the bottom of the lighter upright, and inject the same or higher level of liquid fuel of the new Zippo lighter as the original. Fill up the fuel storage area, but do not overfill to avoid spillage.
5. Close the bottom access fuel cap and snap it on. Take the fuel cap back and snap it into place to prevent fuel from leaking and evaporating.
6. Light the lighter and test. Light the lighter and check that the newly injected fuel burns properly. If there is any problem, turn off the lighter again and repeat the above steps.
Using a Zippo lighter can provide you with convenience, but you need to keep safety precautions in mind to ensure safe use. Never place a spark wick near flammable objects to prevent accidents. Make sure the wick is clean and inspect the wick regularly for damage. When using it, be careful not to drop the wick. Never place a spark wick in the hands of children. Always wear gloves when using a Zippo lighter to prevent injury. Make sure the oil container is full of fuel to ensure the wick burns properly.
Smoke Moment has a large range of different Zippo lighters, each with its own character and function. They feature high-quality metal construction for durability and corrosion resistance to provide you with long-lasting service. Their fire core design is also advanced, can be opened easily, and can guarantee the safety and reliability of the fire core. Additionally, they come with an oil container that will supply enough fuel to the wick to ensure that the wick burns efficiently. Safer and more reliable, Smoke Moment’s Zippo lighters will provide a source of ignition anywhere to your satisfaction.
If you want to know more about Zippo lighters, please click the link below. This link will take you to a place full of Zippo lighters for you to learn more about the topic. So, don’t hesitate, click the link below and start your journey of discovery!
If you are interested in Zippo, then you must visit the official Zippo website. This website covers all the information about Zippo, including its history, product series, how to use, etc. You can also buy Zippo on this website and learn more about the latest news about Zippo. Visit the official Zippo website to learn more about the Zippo Firestone.


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