SMOKE MOMENT 2023 Membership Announcement

📣📣 Welcome to the SMOKE MOMENT 2023 Membership Announcement 📣📣:

Dear SMOKE MOMENT website customers, we are excited to announce the brand-new membership program for 2023! We hope to reward our loyal customers.

As you enjoy our products and services, you can also receive exquisite gifts. Let’s take a look at the specific terms and rewards right away!

🎁💥 2023 Smoke Moment 3rd Anniversary Celebration 💥 🎁

🌟 First-time purchase of $250 or more to become a member and receive a custom-designed lighter 🌟

After successfully meeting the membership requirements through online or in-store purchases, you can contact the store staff via Whatsapp or in person, and they will immediately send a virtual membership card to your Whatsapp!

Each time you shop and spend at least $50, you will receive a stamp. Stamps can be accumulated, and when you meet the following conditions, you can redeem corresponding gifts:

Collect 5 stamps: Receive a free custom lighter and a pack of RAW/OCB rolling papers
Collect 10 stamps: Receive a free grand gift, choose one of the following options:
A pack of self-selected PURE filter tips
A hookah paste
A small 420 PIPE
A 420 storage container

🎂 2023 Birthday Month Promotion 🎂

During your birthday month, enjoy the following discounts:

Spend $1000 or more and get a $50 discount
Spend $2000 or more and get a $100 discount

🌟 Membership Requirements 🌟

Just make a single purchase of any product, spend over $250, and become a SMOKE MOMENT member. Membership is valid for life.

Terms and Conditions:

During the stamp gift promotion, each member can only redeem one-time membership reward, one lighter and rolling papers, and one grand gift.
RAW/OCB rolling papers are limited to 70mm/78mm papers and do not include Filter Sets.
The purchase of any product can meet the above requirements, including tobacco.
Birthday month promotion can be redeemed once per year per member.
Stamps can be earned once per day.

Join the SMOKE MOMENT membership now and enjoy these incredible benefits! Let’s have more fun together in the world of SMOKE MOMENT, with more purchases, more gifts, and endless enjoyment!

SMOKE MOMENT will continue to have more member rewards and exclusive offers coming online soon. Please follow our IG and website, stay tuned!

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