Titanium Tip: Helix

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The Helix Titanium Tip puts a new twist on design. With an elevated, triple helix design, this tip is both lightweight and cool, especially when it comes to heat transfer. The Helix is our lightest tip yet, weighing just over 3 grams. We removed mass and created more surface area (where the traditional fins are), further reducing heat transfer to the stem.

Thicker chamber walls help to even out the roast and reduce hot spots. The 3 convection ports, combined with machined internal channels, assist with quick and even vapor extraction. The CCD can be positioned to adjust the chamber from full to half size, which is perfect for micro-dosing.

The gold-colored chamber is the result of a surface treatment that DynaVap developed, which makes titanium more durable and scratch resistant.

Compatible with all DynaVap devices.

Helix Titanium Tip採用了新穎的設計。這個三螺旋的設計使得這個筆尖既輕便又酷炫,特別是在傳熱方面。Helix是我們至今最輕的筆尖,僅重過3克。我們移除了重量,並在傳統翅膀的位置創造了更多的表面積,進一步減少了到莖部的熱傳導。




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